Sal Aerospace Engineering was founded in 2005. Since the beginning, we have been developing test solutions utilizing digital technology to support the needs of OEM, MRO and Aircraft operators. Our unique approach and innovating engineer marks a difference in today’s market.  A combination of component technology advancements, ingenuity, and hard work has enabled us to manufacture a wide range of testing platforms providing our customers with test solutions for Hydraulic, Fuel, Pneumatic, Oil, Electro-Mechanical Actuation, Gearboxes & Mechanical Component testing platform. 


Starter Testing Platform

Servo Driven Gear Box Testing Platform

Portable test Boxes

Mobile Data Acquisition and Control

Fuel - Calibration Fluid Power Pack

Dual Purpose Hydraulic Power Packs

GRA Testing Platform for B757 & CRJs

Fuel-Pneumatic Testing Platform

CRJ and ERJ Fuel Boost Pump Testing Platform

Compact Pneumatic Testing platform

A 320 THSA

6 inch Flow Bench

4 inch Flow Bench